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Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Yesterday (2/16/2008): I went to an animal rights rally in Annapolis. Those people were the most ungrateful people I have met. I brought hamburgers and frankfurters. Instead of appreciating that I brought them food, they accused me of being a murderer. If they’re not to be voting for a murderer, then Hillary and I are screwed.
I went to a local bar last night and I overheard a stranger tell the bartender, “If my wife calls, tell her ‘Ahmnodt Heare’!” I was filled with joy that my campaign and my name was getting out to the public and that the stranger wanted his wife to meet me.
Today (2/17/2008): I’ll be holding a campaign rally today at the Hooter’s Restaurant in , VA. Today is the running of the Daytona 500. I will mark this occasion while at Hooter’s and give a speech comparing my campaign to former NASCAR driver Dick Trickle’s career. The speech will be a half-hour before the start of the race. It will be a short speech because I want to watch the speech. I have $20 on Matt Kenseth.
Tomorrow (2/18/2008): I will not be blogging tomorrow so that may spend my undivided attention observing Vanna White’s birthday. I will resume blogging on Tuesday. The picture below shows why I wm a Vanna White Supremacist. Join the Vanna White Supremacist Movement!I would get a second job just so I could buy vowels from Her.

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