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There are currently 161 entries.  After you have googled “Ahmnodt Heare,” feel free to write about it in your blog.  The more people blog about Ahmnodt Heare, the more my message will appear in search results with keywords like “elections”, “president”, and “Vanna White.”


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The Alternative for Conservative Republicans

For those of you who have already partaken in a caucus or a primary, this does not apply to you. For conservative Republicans everywhere else, please pay attention.

You don’t like John McCain. You’d rather eat glass than vote for him. Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul, and Alan Keyes (where available) don’t excite you either. And under no circumstances will you vote for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. If you sit at home, you are only denying your fundamental right to vote.

I suggest using the system to get your voice heard. Don’t stay home and let others decide your fate. Send a message to Washington and to your fellow Americans and tell them, “Ahmnodt Heare!”

Please write my name (Ahmnodt Heare) in for President. Together we can straighten the Republican Party and make the United States of America the best country ever!

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