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Manitoba Campaign Trip

I will be flying to Winnipeg today for a two-day campaign stint. This might be the first time somebody has ever gone outside the country to campaign for President of the United States, My strategy is that since America is the leader of the “Free World,” people outside the United States have a vested interest in who our next president is.
There are concerns about how Canadians will react to my foreign policy. I will offer Canada a chance to undo its deeds. I will show that I can work towards a peaceful solution with Canadians. I will sign an executive ordering returning the Phoenix Coyotes to Winnipeg for the 2009-10 NHL season. I will let the fine people of Montreal vote on whether they want the Expos back.
All I ask is they take William Shattner, Celine Dion, and Anne Murray back and make sure they never step on American soil again.

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