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R.I.P. Fluffy

Fluffy [2008-2008]



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  1. […] I wasn’t invited to any debates.  The month never got better; in fact, it got worse when Fluffy […]

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  2. […] pets.  My problem is that the last couple of pets I had died.  My dog Emma died last year.  Fluffy died the year before.  Studies show that having a pet is healthy and that pet owners are happier […]

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  3. Yes, Fluffy will be missed. I remember when i took her on a date, she was all over my nuts. At the end, we ended up making love and thats how Fluffy Jr. came into life. I Will remember Fluffy so much!! She was a Great Friend and a Great One night stander. R.I.P. Fluffy, I will always love you.

    Comment by Mr. Pubes | March 8, 2010

  4. Mr. Pubes, thank you for your touching eulogy. It is greatly appreciated.

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | March 8, 2010

  5. Thank you Ahmnodt Heare, did i tell you the time when i took her home and she gave me the best time of my life if you catch my drift. *sighs* wow i would never forget that moment of how dedicated she was to my male reproductive system 8D

    Comment by Mr. Pubes | March 9, 2010

  6. […] meeting was cut abruptly when my client received word that his sea monkey had passed away.  I can relate.  Losing a pet can be traumatic.  The meeting has been postponed until Saturday.  I don’t […]

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