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The Motion Picture Industry – a Sea of Corruption

One of the reasons why I decided to run for President is because I am tired of the high price of entertainment. I pointed the reasons why prices are high and offered viable solutions in a short documentary I made last year.
After discussing my documentary in various campaign stops, people told me that the price of movies wasn’t the worst problem. I told them that the quality of movies have fallen as well. A couple from Jackson, Mississippi agreed with me with my points, but still thought I was missing the wosrt part of the “Cinemafia”. They asked me how old I was when I started paying adult prices for movies. I told them I was 12.
That is when it hit me. You aren’t allowed to drink until you’re 21. You can’t vote, buy cigarettes, or die for your country until you are 18. Driving is prohibited in most states until the age of 16. Why does the movie industry treat 12 year olds as adults? Two reasons: Greed and perversion.
If somebody goes to a movie once a month between his or her 12th and 18th birthdays, then one would pay an extra $216 in ticket prices. And although one is treated as an adult with the wallet, one cannot see an “adult” movie intil his or her 18th birthday.
The other social ill is it gives movie moguls an excuse to have relationships with underaged girls. The mogul can say something like “I thought the girl with the “Hello Kitty” shirt was an adult because she paid the adult price at the movie theater.”
We need a total overhaul of the way we look at entertainment. The solutions in my documentary will go a long way towards the ills in the entertainment industry.

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  8. isolvensine, I rate all movies as “sucks” since the CineMafia took control of the motion picture industry.

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