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Ahmnodt! at the Disco

It was a rough night. The plan was for me to go clubbing and convey my thoughts on domestic policy while dancing the night away. First, parking was a mess… The parking lot was full and I had to park three blocks away.

I get to the club and there was a $10 cover charge! TEN DOLLARS! Ten dollars to hang out with drunks! I told the bouncer if I wanted to pay to hang out with drunks, I’d be a lobbyist. I’m running for President!

I gave a short speech about how companies want to charge for things that used to be free. Dance clubs are the bottled water of the entertainment industry. Water used to be free everywhere you go. Then somebody decided to charge money for water and now we pay for water (even though it’s still free at any lake or river). I received a small but raucous applause.

I didn’t get to go inside the club, but I planted seeds with my message. Overall, it was a good night.

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