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Replies to the Campaign

I will respond to readers’ e-mails and messages. Sometimes, I will post the messages and my replies in posts. I will even post and reply to letters not favorable to the campaign.

Jenny Tailia from Mansfield, OH wrote:

“You say that ‘Life begins at 40’. As somebody who is pro-life, I find your position disgusting. Life begins at conception. And if there is a God, He will give you a front row seat in Hell! You are an evil person!”


I hate to disappoint you, but God loves me. The Bible even says so. I find it odd that I am more passionate about women’s issues than you are, and I’m not a woman. I hope you remember my position when your teenage son tells you he got his girlfriend pregnant. The stress on your body will be overwhelming. Thank you for reading my website and I hope you support my campaign.


Ahmnodt Heare

Independent candidate for President


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