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My Emperors’ Club Experience

Soon after announcing that I was going to run for President of the United States, I decided to look for organizations to join to solidify my campaign. I saw something about the Emperors’ Club during a dogpile search. I thought to myself that being a president was like being an emperor, so I thought I should join.
I went to the website and saw a lot of hotties. Now I know why Presidents are heavily involved in foreign affairs! I sent an e-mail and told them who I was and asked about membership. They said that membership was charged by the hour and fees were from $1000 to $5000 per hour.
I never heard of a club that charged membership by an hour and the prices were kind of high, but emperors had that kind of money. I opted for the $5000 membership because I was going to be the equivalent of the Emperor of the United States.
The emperor I met that night was named Chloe. I asked her how long she had been an emperor and she chuckled. I inquired about what is normally done when two emperors meet and she laughed mysteriously. She soon told me that sex is usually involved.
”What if a bunch of emperors are together?” I asked.Chloe told me that I should have done more research on emperors and on the Emperors’ Club. She got up and left. I had spent $5000 for a ten-minute conversation. Was I ever screwed!

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