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It’s Worse than I Thought!

I went to Lake Michigan yesterday by the oil spill that ruined the habitat of the humpback dolphin population.  Much to my horror, there were no humpback dolphins anywhere.  I drove up and down the Michigan side of Lake Michigan hoping to see a humpback dolphin.  I didn’t see too many fish of any kind, except for a trout an old guy caught in the northern part of the state.

I drove across the upper peninsula of Michigan over to Racine Wisconsin to check out the food poisoning situation from the humpback dolphin meat served in school cafeterias.  The Superintendent of Schools refused to comment, but a former cafeteria worker told me that most of the children are now well, but the Superintendent’s daughter might have permanent damage caused by the tainted humpback dolphin meat.

I am currently at an internet cafe in Sandusky, OH.  I hope to be in Washington, DC by 7PM tonight and maybe catch the attention of a stray congressman or senator.


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