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Raiders Coaching Job

Al Davis fired Lane Kiffin after a disappointing 1-3 start.  I am here to imform Al Davis that I am available for the coaching vacancy.  I bring an unique vision to everything I do and coaching would be no different. 

I would institute the “Flying Wishbone” – a wishbone formation in which any back can throw the ball.  Another addition would be the “Dollar Package” on defense.  The dollar package is a nose guard and 10 defensive backs.  This is ideal in a “prevent defense” situation, but I would also use it in goalline situations.

If anybody sees or talks to Al Davis, please tell him I am interested in the head coaching job.


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  1. […] Maybe I should run for Washington Redskins’ Head Coach instead of President.  I hope the old guy the Redskins hired to call plays will do a better job than Jim Zorn did.  Lost in the miserable year is how well the defense has been playing.  If Dan Snyder is reading this and he is looking for a head coach, I proudly offer myself and my ideas. […]

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