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My Chance to Win in Connecticut


There has been a dramatic increase of dead voters registering to vote.  I have to thank the persistance of my supporters in getting the dead vote out.  One reason why I am not doing well in polls is because the pollsters are not asking the people in the demographics I have been targeting – the deceased and the Europeans.

I will head to Europe for a few days next week and help Europeans elect me as the next leader of the free world.  Their banking crisis has been as bad as it has been here.  I will lay out my banking policy as soon as I come up with a policy.


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What My Cabinet Would Look Like

NOTE: Some are left blank. Be sure to check this page often as I fill my cabinet.

President: Ahmnodt Heare

Vice-President: Peasant Tim

Secretary of State: Oprah Winfrey

Chief of Staff: Olivia Wilder

Press Secretary: Tim Sharpe

Secretary of Commerce:  Paris Hilton

Secretary of the Interior: Martha Stewart

Secretary of Energy: Matthew Lesko

Secretary of Defense: Mike Singletary

Secretary of Health and Human Services:  Dr. Jack Kevorkian

Secretary of Education: George W. Bush

Secretary of the Treasury: Dennis Kozlowski

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