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What My Cabinet Would Look Like

NOTE: Some are left blank. Be sure to check this page often as I fill my cabinet.

President: Ahmnodt Heare

Vice-President: Peasant Tim

Secretary of State: Oprah Winfrey

Chief of Staff: Olivia Wilder

Press Secretary: Tim Sharpe

Secretary of Commerce:  Paris Hilton

Secretary of the Interior: Martha Stewart

Secretary of Energy: Matthew Lesko

Secretary of Defense: Mike Singletary

Secretary of Health and Human Services:  Dr. Jack Kevorkian

Secretary of Education: George W. Bush

Secretary of the Treasury: Dennis Kozlowski


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  1. Matthew Lesko will be the most energetic Energy Secretary ever — and the best dressed.

    Comment by Skip Dekades | June 9, 2008

  2. That’s why he would be my Energy secretary. I would hook him up to a generator and light up the entire Eastern seaboard.

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | June 9, 2008

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  4. Mr. Heare,

    Thank you for advertising on my blog. I look forward to the check you said was in the mail.

    Press Secretary Tim Perino Sharpe


    P.S. Anyone who would like to include the ad on their blog can try by including either this:

    Or this:

    …in a blog posting. I’m not sure which one will work inside of WordPress, but the second is supposed to work outside of WordPress.

    Thank you for being here, Ahmnodt Heare!

    Comment by sirsatire | October 9, 2008

  5. Second part got cut off. Let’s try again (Don’t include quotes in blog posting):


    Comment by sirsatire | October 9, 2008

  6. Okay, WordPress won’t allow me to post the second part. It gets eaten by the machine, apparently.

    Follow the ad link in my first post above and click on upper-left corner of ad window, it should say “Embed”. Instructions will appear as to how you can include the ad on your blog.

    Comment by sirsatire | October 9, 2008

  7. It’s a conspiracy… WordPress doesn’t want me elected.

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | October 9, 2008

  8. Energy Secretary…. Hmmmm

    Comment by Matthew Lesko | February 25, 2009

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