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Another Interview with Ahmnodt Heare

An Interview with Ahmnodt Heare
If there is one area or issue that you can effectively change and be remembered for during your time in public service, what do you wish that to be?
I would like known as the guy who took down the cinemafia and made entertainment affordable again.
Have you ever been a member of another political party besides your current party?
I have never belonged to a political party. I think they discourage independent thinking and innovative solutions like my Juat say, “OK, but just this once” drug policy.
Outside of family, who was your primary inspiration that led you to seek elected office?
I want to show Americans that there is a different way of doing things.
What one major global issue or conflict do you hope to see resolved in your lifetime?
Why only one? I’d like to see all of them resolved. Put all the leaders in an air-sealed room and release nitrous oxide…
What was your first political protest/demonstration/rally? How old were you?
I was 5 years old and I started a sit-in for longer nap times in Kindergarten class.
What national issue or conflict would like to be a part of solving in your lifetime?
I would like to make entertainment more affordable for Americans.
What is one thing that most people don’t know about you?
That I almost became famous in 1995.
Is this your first elected position?
This will be my first elected position. I was voted “Class Clown” two out of my three senior years.
What current national or state political figure inspires you now?
President George W. Bush inspires me to be different from him.

NOTE:  A better interview can be found here:

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October Suprise

A couple of unreliable sources have confirmed that Independent Candidate for President Ahmnodt Heare was born in Canada.  The rumor is that Heare’s American-born parents were driving from Detroit to Buffalo through Canada and that Ahmnodt was born while his parents were in line trying to get back in the United States.  He was soon brought to Women’s and Children Hospital in Buffalo.

Though none of the other presidential candidates were able to comment, Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin said this:

“It’s a shame.  I actually liked his “War with Canada 9-5” thingie.  It was more mavericky than anything John McCain has ever done.  I would have preferred sending my son to Canada than Iraq.  He could be home for dinner every night.  I would be able to see Canada from my window if Russia wasn’t in the way.”

Presidential Candidate Ahmnodt Heare said he had no recollection of being born in Canada and that it was dirty politics being played by the Jeffery Boss campaign.

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