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Ahmnodt Running in 2012

I have decided to run for President of the United States in 2012.  I have learned from my mistakes in the 2008 campaign and I have already started to fix the problems.  I hereby challenge President-elect Obama and whomever the Republicans can muster to a debate.  I would also like to invite Ralph Nader, Alan Keyes, and Buckles the Clown to the debate.  I am not inviting Buckles because he is a great debater, but because I have never lost a debate to him.

Another difference between 2008 and 2012 is that I will hold a contest for the vice-president position.  Due to Constitutional requirements, Canadians are not eligible at this time.

I would like to thank the seven people who voted for me.  This campaign will do much better in 2012!


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Where I Went Wrong

I was expecting somewhere around 40 million votes in yesterday’s election.  I ended up getting seven.  Many people would quit, but I can get the votes I need once I fix the problems that stopped me from winning.

1) The “Vice President” fiasco:  I should have spent more time vetting my selections.  The first candidate did not tell me he was a Canadian until months after I chose him.  The candidate I ended up running with did nothing to help the ticket.

2) I started too late:  My campaign differed from Obama’s and McCain’s because I chose not to raise money.  I stand by this issue for now.  I will formally announce my intention to run for President in 2012 soon.  The Cinemafia spent millions on Barack Obama and John McCain, trying to make them bicker as a distraction so people wouldn’t hear my message.

3) Internal Polling data was wrong.  I was under the impression that PollDaddy was the service to use.  They even offered a money-back guarantee if I was not satisfied.  Good thing I didn’t spend any money, because I would be expecting my money back right about now.

I would like to congratulate Barack Obama for winning the election.  I will fulfill my duty as an American citicen and help President-elect Obama in implementing my platform.

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