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More Julian Beever Drawings

Here is a video on how he does it:

For more drawings, check out his work at: http://users.skynet.be/J.Beever/

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  1. Thank you for checking out the Julian Beever drawings. Feel free to check out my campaign at https://ahmnodtheare.wordpress.com

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | November 17, 2008

  2. Thank you for making this video clip. I love to hear your thoughts and beliefs. I am a cancer patient and have never been next to a bible or religon until fecent years. I am confused and struggling how to understand what is the deal with this book! You have a great handle on what sounds right, possable and true to life as I understand it and I would love to hear you more on this subject. Thank you for your concederation, Steevon

    Comment by Steevon | July 20, 2009

  3. Steevon, I did not make the video. I saw the video on YouTube and decided to share it and some of Julian Beever’s works with others.
    Life is what you make of it. It isn’t what you have, but what you do with what you have.

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | July 20, 2009

  4. yes, you are right, life is what we all make of it. Thanks for the response.

    Comment by Steevon | August 8, 2009

  5. […] are new to my campaign, I like various forms of art.  I have bloged about the incredible work of Julian Beever in the past.  I was reading today’s New York Post when I saw another incredible […]

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  6. omg…. to be honest i would not have seen this if it werent because i am doing a presentation on drawing media…….but i never saw anything like that its really amaizing

    Comment by Esmeralda | November 10, 2009

  7. […]  https://ahmnodtheare.wordpress.com/2008/11/10/more-julian-beever-drawings/ For more links on Julian Beever […]

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