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My New Bailout Plan

My bailout plan differs from other plans because my plan will create jobs.  My plan will involve two steps:

1) Bailout companies that are fiscally sound:  By giving responsible companies a couple billion dollars, they will have the capital required to create jobs.

2) Bailout defunct companies:  By bailing out companies that have gone by the wayside like Eastern Airlines and the horse-and-buggy industry, jobs that were lost will be revived.

The current plan does not create jobs.  It only maintains some of the jobs we already have.


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Ahmnodt’s Lolz

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A Glaring Omission

I have noticed many names being thrown around for cabinet positions for President-elect Barack Obama’s cabinet.  Names like Hillary Clinton, Bill Richardson, and John McCain have been mentioned for various positions.  But neither President-elect Obama nor the media pundits has mentioned Ahmnodt Heare.

It might be true that I don’t have much experience with foreign policy, banking (besides making deposits and overdraft protection), or the military, I do have a vast amount of experience in the theme of President-elect Obama’s campaign:  Change.

I would probably do things differently than the ways things are done now.  That’s because I have no idea what President Bush is doing.  I would do things differently by default.

Ahmnodt Heare being omitted from a cabinet position is bad for America and will decrease the likelihood that “change I can believe in” will occur.

I don’t

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