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My New Bailout Plan

My bailout plan differs from other plans because my plan will create jobs.  My plan will involve two steps:

1) Bailout companies that are fiscally sound:  By giving responsible companies a couple billion dollars, they will have the capital required to create jobs.

2) Bailout defunct companies:  By bailing out companies that have gone by the wayside like Eastern Airlines and the horse-and-buggy industry, jobs that were lost will be revived.

The current plan does not create jobs.  It only maintains some of the jobs we already have.


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  1. […] from many of the candidates.  The foundation of the recovery portion of the economic plan is my bailout plan.   The consenus was that stimulus money should only go to people willing to spend it.  Doug […]

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  2. Tired of the bankers having all the fun.

    Bailout! The Game the hilarious parody of the government bailout where when you lose, you win. In this role reversal of the classic board game debt is king.

    Bailout! The Game gives you an endless supply of T.A.R.P funds, laughs and fun.

    Be the bank, lose billions and get a bailout.

    Play as one of six banks: Bankruptcy O’ America, Worth Farless, No Cashvia, Liquidation Brothers, Greedy Investors of America, or Washed Up Mutual.

    Land on or pass over Frantic May and Frivolous Mac spaces and get slammed with bad debt.(MBS’s and CDO’s)

    Just as Monopoly was born out of the Great Depression, Bailout! The Game was born out The Great Recession.

    Winner of the Mr. Dad Seal of Approval. http://www.mrdad.com

    Liberty Street Games


    Comment by shari | December 29, 2009

  3. “Bailout” looks like a lot of fun to play. It makes me want to be a bank!

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | December 30, 2009

  4. […] in taxes.  If Senator McCain listened to my jobs program, we would be out of this recession.  My bailout plan would have cost only $3 billion jobs and would create 270,000 new jobs. « A Reply to […]

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