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My New York Trip Results

I was too late.  The sewer alligator population has been exterminated.  I first heard that there was a major crisis involving the sewer alligator population the other day.  The City said they were only going to cull the population, but it has been discovered that alligator pictured below was the last sewer alligator in existence.

I went to City Hall to discuss the severity of the situation with mayor Michael Bloomberg.  Mayor Bloomberg was nowhere to be found.  I left a message with Janet the receptionist.  She was a nice lady, but did not sound overly convincing that the mayor would speak with me.  I left a message with the EPA and with Ashley Alexandra Dupré (in case Eliot Spitzer becomes governor again).

If you are in Lower Manhattan or in Hoboken this weekend, stay away from the Hudson River.  I will bring a tankful of fecal-eating piranha to aleve the water contamination on Monday.


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The President-Elect

I must admit I am a bit confused.  I was under the impression that Barack Obama was all about “change.”  Rahm Emanuel to Bill Richardson, this administration looks like it will be Bill Clinton’s third term.  I guess our next president can be called Barack Obubba.

I was the agent of change America wanted in 2008.  I will be the agent of change in 2012.

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