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Walk-a-Thon for Entertainment Affordability Awareness

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It will be a week-long event as I will walk across the country in January,  Further details will be announced over the next two weeks.

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I Did Not Make the Team

I am not surprised, but I am disappointed that I did not make Barack Obama’s economic team.  I survived the two-a-days during economic training camp, but I never had the opportunity to show my muster during the pre-season.

I will continue to try to get my plan for seniors and my “Entertainment Affordability Act” bill I am trying to get passed.  Just because I am not yet an elected official does not mean I will not fight for the good citizens of the United States.  (The bad citizens of the United States will need to look for someone else to fight for them.)

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Now God is Mad at Canada

via The Associated Press: Witnesses: Large meteor streaks across Canada sky

Meteors striking Canada proves what I have been saying:  Canada was wrong for allowing William Shattner and Celine Dion to infiltrate the United States.  Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Parliment should take action and make these “entertainers” return to Canada.

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