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Never Give Up (A Lesson Learned)

When I heard that Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson wanted to give out more money (including bailing out companies that were already bailed out), I decided that there was hope after all.  I would be able to keep my tropical igloo business as well as my vaginal products for men business.  (I am offering a new line of products next week, in time for Christmas).

For a few dollars more, I will be able to open the Museum of the Pornographic Arts in Kernersville, NC.  There will even be a “hands-on” exhibit for the kids.  This is not a pure business operation and making money is not the main objective.  I feel a museum is important for the enrichment of the community.

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  1. […] have decided to apply for a grant for the Museum of Pornographic Arts .  I figure I would need $5 million dollars to get started.  Some of the things I would need […]

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