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Sometimes You Need to Rant


This is an anti-American rant from somebody in England.  He or she doesn’t like that the president pardons a turkey every Thanksgiving.

Let me tell you about British elitism.  but before I do, I will tell you this little tidbit.  There are only two societies in the world where incest occurs at an alarming rate.  In America, we call them “hicks”, in Great Britian, they’re called, “royalty.”

It seems that things are going so slow in the British news cycle that people there are watching our president pardon a turkey.  They claim they don’t like Americans, but they can’t get enough of America in their newscasts.  It’s not that we in the States are too stupid to know that Gordon Brown is their prime minister.  It’s that we don’t care.

I am deeply disturbed at the American media’s obsession over royal inbreds and I wish it would stop.  What the “Royal Family” does has little to do with international affairs and much to do with pomp and fluff.

Note to rants like the one who posted the article I am referring to:  We know that some aspects of American culture leaves much to be desired.  However; your poop also reeks.


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  1. Spoken with extreme justice.

    The only thing worse than British arrogance is an American illegally staying in Britain who thinks they are British and is arrogant. Not that I would have any experience with that…

    Comment by sirsatire | November 29, 2008

  2. I dislike people attempting to speak for me as much as I do being the victim of a general attack like yours. None of us are perfect, but neither you nor York Ranter have the right to speak for the majority of people in either country.

    Comment by UK Voter | December 1, 2008

  3. I do not speak for most Americans. Most of them voted for either Barack Obama or John McCain. My platform is largely based on fixing many of the things that irks non-Americans about the United States (like the CineMafia.)

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | December 1, 2008

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