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An Idea for the NFL

Every year following the Conference Championship Games, there is a two-week lull before the Super Bowl.  I propose a game be played the Sunday between the games.

This game would be called the “Toilet Bowl.”  The worst team in the AFC would play the worst team in the NFC.  Whoever wins the game gets the first pick in the upcoming draft.  This will prevent teams from tanking it for getting the first pick and maintain integrity in the game.

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It’s Snowing!

In case you’re wondering what is happening to your screen, WordPress has created a script where it looks like it is snowing on the screen while reading the page.  The script was optional, but I chose to use it because I was feeling Christmassy.

Snow is being made next door to me at the skiing place.  It plans on being opened for skiing next weekend.  It will be opened for tubing on Monday, the 8th.

I don’t understand tubing too much.  I brought a couple of test tubes to the mountain last season, but I could not figure how they were supposed to get me down the hill.

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