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This Bailout Is Not Working

cbs2chicago.com – Workers Lock Themselves In Shuttered Republic Windows And Doors Plant Over Dispute With Bank.

As I stated earlier, bailing out companies that needed to be bailed out is a bad idea.  We bailed out Bank of America, but that has not helped its customers like Republic Windows in Chicago.  Republic Windows was a company that was in pretty good shape.  We should have bailed them out before they got to the point where they had to close it doors.

I read a disturbing blog from someone in Kansas about this yesterday.  The blogger suggested that the union suggested a “sit-in” because unions don’t like their workers to perform any labor.  It also said that union workers like to sit.  My answer to that is that bloggers also like to sit.  Very few blogs are written while standing up.  Unless you have worn other people’s shoes, you should not comment on their plight.  I have worn the shoes of other people.  I hope to get a pair for myself for Christmas,


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