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Almost a Senator

I almost became a U.S. Senator representing Illinois.  I did not have the money to pay Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich for the job.  I thought that $100 would have been enough, but it wasn’t.  He wanted more money, and I was going to take out a loan to buy the position, but the federal authorities stepped in and ruined my chance to be a Senator.

I do not know why the authorities fear me so much.  Whether it is the federal or local authorities, people seem to go out of their way to make sure I don’t hold office.  I doubt they are Canadian, since they work for our government.  The only logical explanation is that the Cinemafia has infiltrated our government and is willing to do the same thing to our country as they have done to their industry.

Things like this happen when I am not elected President.  I hope you have learned your lesson.


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A Call for a World Government and Ahmnodt Heare for World Leader

FT.com / Columnists / Gideon Rachman – And now for a world government.

I would like to think that my message that the election for the leader of the free world would have to include all the free countries is resonating worldwide.  Here is a poll you can take to see who should be the leader of the free world.

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Speech Tonight at Rotary Club

I am honored to be making a speech tonight at the Rotary Club in Port Jervis, NY.  I will be giving my speech on rotors and the vital role they play in American society.  Afterwards, I will be having dinner at the Milford Diner, in Milford, PA.  Feel free to stop by and ask me any questions you may have.  My advisors wanted me to tell you to bring your camers as I try scrapple.

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