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Clean Coal Technology

If you have coal that you want cleaned, bring it to me.  I have bought a large washing machine so I will be able to clean more coal than I would be able to clean with smaller machines.  I have also obtained a case of green spray paint in case you want to burn green coal.

Together we can burn clean, green coal.  Let’s think about the environment.


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No Ameros in my Wallet

I am against the creation of a multinational currency.  Multinational currencies like the Amero and the Euro are the first phase in merging nations.  This would ruin the entertainment industry and it would turn my “9-5 war” against Canada into a civil war.  If I wanted to have currency of foreigners in my wallet, I’d go to other countries more often.

I can’t see people shopping in an “Amero Store” like they do a dollar store.  I doubt it will catch on.  People will not be watching “The Six Million Amero Man.”  It just sounds too weird.  The “Amero Value Menu” wouldn’t sound very appetizing.

I urge all Americans to write President-Elect Obama, your senators and congresspeople, and your favorite sports team’s captain and tell them “No” to the Amero.

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New York Giants Fans – Please Help

If you are going to the game against the Carolina Panthers this Sunday evening, eagles_fan-710826 I  need a couple of fans to hold a sign like the one in the picture.  I would advise against wearing any Philadelphia Eagles attire at the game.  If you feel compelled to wear Eagles apparel at Giants Stadium, let me know and I’ll give you some “McCain – Palin” signs for you to carry around.

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