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Congressman John Hall debates Republican challenger Kieran Lalor on the Wall Street “bail out.” « Putnam Valley Democrats.

The Putnam County Democrats censored my reply to their video of Congressman John Hall (D-NY) supporting the ill-advised bailout of banks.  My reply was that the NY Times has an article that question where the bailout money went.

Does censoring my answer make the Democrats better than the Republicans?  Can’t they answer my criticism with something supporting their argument?

Let’s not assume that the Republicans are much better… because they’re not.  Both parties want to moderate replies because both parties have caused the economic debacle that we are facing.  The economy will get worse because the two parties of censorship are more interested in maintaining their image than to listen to ideas that will save our country.


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Poll: How Did You First Find This Site?

I would like to thank you for coming here.  I would especially like to thank you if you are a regular (Even those who don’t support the campaign).  Please tell me how you first came to this site.  This information is needed so that I can better manipulate the masses understand the electorate.

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