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2008 Division Round Predictions

If you bet the ranch on my picks last week, you no longer own a ranch.  I went 1-3 last week with the Eagles keeping me from being winless.  I wouldn’t bet the ranch, but I might be tempted to bet the ranch dressing.

Saturday 1/10

Ravens at Titans: – The hottest team in the league is going against the team with the best record.  The Titans faltered down the stretch, but they are home and they are rested.  Titans win 17-13.

Cardinals at Panthers: – This is the one game that could get ugly.  The Cardinals looked good against the Falcons, but they were at home and they were playing against a rookie quarterback and a rookie coach.  Like in nature, the Panthers will devour the Cardinals 41-8.

Sunday 1/11

Eagles at Giants:  Division games are always tough.  The trendy pick will be to pick the Eagles, but the Giants know what the Eagles are going through, the Giants played three road playoff games last year and will not underestimate the Eagles.  I would not be surprised if this game went into overtime.  Giants win 16-13.

Chargers at Steelers:  Common sense says the Steelers will win.  I still have issues with Norv Turner as a head coach.  Chargers will win this one just to prove me wrong about everything including my views on Global Warming.  Chargers 20 Steelers 13.

If you are going to any of these games this weekend, don’t forget to bring your sign and show it on TV.


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  2. I’m just guessing here but it seems the fans holding the Ahmnodt Heare signs are very likely on the wrong side of the field to capture the attention of the media so the signs might not be as effective as we’ve all expected.

    But then I’m not a political strategist.

    Comment by David | January 5, 2009

  3. It seems to be the case. Although I did see an “Ahmnodt Heare for Head Coach” sign at a Detroit Lions game.

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | January 6, 2009

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