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Super Bowl XLIII Prediction

The two weeks between the Conference Championship games and the Super Bowl is the longest two-week period of the year.  And the second week is longer than the first week.  “Media Tuesday” is the annual event where reporters get to ask the stupidest questions they can come up with.  It is an honored Super Bowl tradition.

I like the Cardinals.  I really do.  But they’re not going to win.  The Steelers will win their second Vince Lombardi trophy in four years.  The final score will be 31-20.  Troy Polamalu will be the MVP.

Update:  You can find my Super Bowl XLIV Prediction here:


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  1. yeh, I think all the world will be behind the Cardinals completing their fairytale run.
    Expecting a great game, and a close finish.
    For what its worth, here is my prediction…

    see ya
    Tarik Sport Rankings

    Comment by etishere | January 22, 2009

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