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Another Reason Why Movies Are Expensive

There were 5 commercials for movies during the Super Bowl.  This amounts to $15 million in advertising for 2 1/2 minutes of ads.  Most of these movies won’t be in theaters for a few months.  I will forget about these movies by the time they are released unless they have more ads, which will cost more money.  If they waited until just before the release date, they could have saved $3 million per movie.

Maybe it’s not so much the Cinemafia is evil as it is stupid.  They pay Tom Cruise $31 million for every movie he appears in.  I would do 20 movies for $31 million.  The problem with the economy (aside from the Cinemafia) is that the only spending cuts companies are making are in payroll.  They are either cutting hours, pay rates, or jobs.  They still buy company t-shirts, coffee mugs and other crap that most employees don’t really care for.  They know that knick-knacks cost less than money.  As president, I would put a ban on company knick-knacks and force them to either pay more or hire more.


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