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A Question for Anybody who Blogs

Have you ever had a day when the number of people coming to your site is down and when they come to your site, they’re not clicking on any article posted?

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My Vice-Presidential Running Mate

***NOTICE*** I am announcing that I now have a running mate for 2012.  I know some people will be disappointed that I will not occupy both parts of the ticket like I did in 2008.  I figured it would be too taunting a task to fix the country and to go to the funeral of every third-world dictator.  I was going to choose Sir Satire, but he is still happy at his commune making organic Twinkees.

I have found a man who is Sir Satire’s equal.  He is Peasant Tim.  You may know him as the guy from Michigan with a job.  But he is much more than that.  He has a job and pays his rent.  As your vice-president, he will be in charge of setting up an anti-cinemafia task force and will implement my “Just say ‘OK, but just this once’.” drug policy.

Peasant Tim will be joining this blog with an occasional post from his campaigning.  He will start blogging as soon as he finishes the final touches on the Lake Michigan oil spill investigation.

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Approval Poll

I ask this poll not because I am a narcissist.  I do not ask because i want to prove I am lovable or to smoothe a shattered ego. The poll is a political study to check how Ahmnodt Heare fares against President Obama and Congress.

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