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I Like Canadians

I haven’t made myself clear about how I feel about Canadians.  I like the people.  Canadians are cool to have a beer and shoot the breeze with.  I have confused people by wanting a war with Canada.  It is not the Canadian citizens that made me want this war, it’s the Canadian government.

To prove this point, I have stated on several occasions that the war would only be fought on weekdays between 9AM and 5PM.  There would be no fighting on weekends.  I have also stated that no hockey rinks or Tim Horton’s are to be bombed for any reason.

The reason for the war is the actions taken by former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.  He has systematically sent spies like Anne Murray and William Shattner into the United States under the guise as “entertainers.”  This is not a knack against all Canadian entertainers.  I like Rush and Barenaked Ladies.  I liked John Candy and Rick Moranis is a good actor.  It’s the likes of Shattner and Murray (and the spy Celine Dion, who was sent by Brian Mulroney) that get me going.  They have helped destroy America’s greatest export, our entertainment industry.  American entertainment is now more expensive for less quality.  it wouldn’t surprise me if the Cinemafia had Canadians in it, but I can not prove that at this time.

if you are a Canadian, I am sorry if I have offended you in the past.  I felt obligated to show you my decision-making process.


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Looking for Model for “Ahmnodt Girl” Videos

“Obama Girl” became popular last year for appearing in videos supporting President Obama’s campaign.  You can enjoy the same success she did by making an “Ahmnodt Girl” video.  Although I generally enjoy nude videos, I ask that models wear clothing as children and old people will be watching the videos.

I regret that i cannot offer compensation for your work.  Just think of it as doing your part for America.

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