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The Walk-a-Thon is Back On

Due to logistical problems, I was unable to do the Walk-a-Thon for Entertainment Affordability Awareness like I wanted to.  i will be doing the walk-a-thon in October.  Here is a map.

There are a few differences between this plan and the one I had planned in January.  One difference is that the trip will take longer than I originally thought.  I thought I would be able to walk from Atlantic City to San Diego in a week.  I now know it will take longer.  I will be leaving Atlantic City on Columbus Day (October 12) at Noon.  My plan is to make it to San Diego in time to throw out the first pitch in the Padre’s home opener in 2010.  I would like to thank the Padres for the honor to throw out the first pitch in a home opener.

I should be in Indianapolis for Thanksgiving and Jefferson City for Christmas.  If you happen to live near the route, come on and say “Hi.”  If you’re not too far away, I will be honored to meet you and your friends spreading the awareness of affordable entertainment.


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Bedside Manner

I will be blogging from my bed for the next couple of days.  I went to a “Hello Kitty” meetup at Chuck E. Cheese.  I got in an accident on my way home from the meetup.  My car was hit from behind.  My back is very stiff.  The woman who hit me was in bad shape.  She was texting somebody while driving when she rammed me.  She wasn’t wearing a seat belt and was knocked unconsious.   When the police checked her out, they noticed a Blackberry on her lap.  The display read, “LOL”.

She is doing fine now and will be released from the hospital tomorrow morning.  I’ll be fine with some bed rest.  Karilyn, if you’re reading this, the only thing I will be able to do in bed for the next couple days is sleep and blog.  I am sorry.

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