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London – Making Progress

I had more success this time in London than on my last visit.  I quickly got my petition permit and headed to the spot I was at last year.  There were a lot more people there this time around.  A young lady told me that this place was popular because the CCTV cameras were broken following an incident just prior to my arrival.

I had the first fifty signatures within five minutes of my arrival.  Londoners seemed excited about the opportunity to elect the leader of the free world.  I told them that I was running for president.  Many people asked how I felt about surveillance cameras and they seemed pleased that I would only permit it on the hottest women.  I received the biggest round of applause in a long time when I told them that I would cease all wiretap operations.

By early afternoon, I had over 2,000 signatures.  I was heading to the American Embassy when I saw the same snotty woman who called security on me last year.  I decided instead to keep the signatures and mail them to the State Department when i get back home.  I hope that Hillary Clinton will be more receptive than Condolezza Rice was last year.


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