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Greetings from Liechtenstein!

It is 4:46AM and I cannot sleep.  I am currently in Schaanwald (at the border with Austria.  The walk-a-thon will start at 9AM and will go through the towns of Nendeln, Planken, and Schaad before arriving at Vaduz, the capital.  Vaduz is near the border with Switzerland.  There will be a rally at Rheinpark Stadon and cookies will be served.

The cross-country trip is approximately 7 miles.  People here are outraged at the price of entertainment.  Because Euros are used here, it only makes it more expensive.  They were having similar infiltration of “entertainers” Ace of Base invading from Sweden in the 1990s, and they feel our pain with Anne Murray and William Shattner being in our country.  For some reason, they seem to like Celine Dion, but I digress.

Soon after the rally, I will fly to Amsterdam.  I was hoping to spend more time here, but I have been informed that in addition to the prostitution, I should analyze a couple of the hashish establishments.  They told me I should a lot of time for analyzing the hashish houses and the brothels before coming up with a policy.  My luck must be pretty good because some of the prostitutes I will be analyzing will be staying at the same hotel I am staying.


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Erin Go Braghless!

I had to return early from a night of partying at Conway’s in Dublin.  I ran into a few Americans here, including the police officer who arrested me last year.  The Irish love to party, but they hate snakes.  I think I got in a bit of trouble with the Irish when they asked me about Northern Ireland.  The conversation went like this:  (My responses are in italics.)

“What do you think about Northern Ireland?”

What about Northern Ireland?”

“The British occupation of Northern Ireland?”

If the British occupy Northern Ireland, then I’m afraid I can’t campaign there.


I am running for leader of the free world, not for leader of an occupied land.”

The man dumped his ale on my head and stormed out.  I guess he was from Northern Ireland.  People he was talking with were giving me a strange look.  I figured I had to leave and start planning for the walk-a-thon in Liechtenstein tomorrow.  I will evaluate Northern Ireland tomorrow.

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