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The Uniting of Two Issues

For those who are new to my campaign, welcome!  One of the issues I have been campaigning about is that entertainment is becoming cost prohibitive.  My favorite target to date has been the Motion Picture Association of America (or “Cinemafia” as I call them.)  Not only has the price of movies kept going up, but the price of going to a concert or a sporting event.

I am currently in Amsterdam studying prostitution in society.  Prostitution is legal in Amsterdam and I wanted to see the various effects it has on a society where it is legal.  My in-depth studying on prostitution stopped when I found out it was €200 ($272.92) for an hour with the prostitute I wanted to study.  I ended up spending the night studying prostitution from afar from my hotel room window.

I had thought about asking for money from the people in the streets for money for my research.  I concluded that a candidate for President of the United States should never ask for money, even if it is for a worthy study.  I believe that dealing with prostitution requires a “hands-on” approach.  From this moment on, I will be adding prostitution to the umbrella of entertainment that is no longer affordable.

I will be watching the early games of the NCAA Tournament before catching the 10:15 flight to Stockholm.  At least watching the games online are still free.


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  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

    Comment by matt | March 20, 2009

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