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My Last Night in Europe

Tomorrow night at this time, I will be back home.  The trip started well in London.  The wheels of the trip started falling off Tuesday in Dublin.  The Liechtenstein Walk-a-Thon for Affordable Entertainment Awareness turned out to be a “Make fun of Ahmnodt” festival.  Yesterday I could not afford to study prostitution hands-on like I wanted to.  Today was supposed to be icing on the cake on what was supposed to be a successful trip through Europe.  It was the last nail in the coffin.

It turns out that the “Swedish Bikini Team” I was so anxious to see turned out to be the Men’s team.  The Women’s team doesn’t start training until next week.  The Men’s team came out wearing nothing but skimpy thongs.  I started to hurl.  Security took me to the nurse’s office.  I was thinking that there might be a silver lining behind this cloud.  The only thing behind the cloud was a nurse named Henrik.

I threw up again when I met Henrik.  I was soon rushed to the hospital.  I don’t know why people are rushed to the hospital in Sweden.  People end up waiting for hours and sometimes days waiting to see a doctor.  I saw a woman give birth in the waiting room.  An old man had two heart attacks while waiting to be seen.  Two hours later, I had enough and left.

I feel better now that there are no men in thongs or male nurses to nauseate me.  My flight leaves at 8AM Stockholm time and I should be at home by 4PM Eastern.  There is a hottie from Munich in the room next to me, but I am too tired and to disappointed to invite her to my room for a drink.


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Reposting of “Ahmnodt the Fiscal Conservative”

There are two reasons why I have chosen to repost this blog entry.  The first part is to rub it in the faces of the people who did not vote for me.  The second is because this is the entry that showed up when somebody was searching for, “woman who want to cheat in vernon nj”

From October 23, 2008:

If you want to vote for a true fiscal conservative, candidate Ahmnodt Heare has McCain and Obama beat.

Projected Spending for campaigns for October, 2008:

Obama: $110,000,000
McCain: $70,000,000
Heare: $.30

I didn’t want to spend the 30 cents, but I needed a couple of posters for tonight’s Meet-and-Greet in Vernon, NJ. My campaign is run solely on word-of-mouth campaigning and volunteer enthusiasm.

In these tough economic times, it’s just not right to ask people to part with their hard-earned money to spend on a political campaign.  I believe that people should use their money for what they want to:  entertainment, booze, and (starting on November 1), discounted Halloween candy.

If you want to live in a lifetime of perpetual debt, then feel free to vote for John Obama or Barack McCain.  If you want to quit sending money to Washington, vote for the candidate who will quit spending it:  Ahmnodt Heare.

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