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Things I Learned in Europe

Now that I am back from Europe and I have had some sleep under my belt, I will access the good and the bad from my recent campaign through Europe:

  • Stay focused on one thing – I was doing well when I did what the entire trip was supposed to be about.  It was supposed to be about getting signatures on a petition to allow non-Americans to vote for the leader of the free world.  (Especially for those living in the free world who are not allowed to vote for leader of the free world.)
  • If you are going to carry a sign in a language you don’t understand, then learn what the sign says before you hold it up for the world to see.  “Nur eine dumme Person Kampagne in Liechtenstein, um Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten.”  does not translate to “It takes a special person to campaign in Liechtenstein for President of the United States.”
  • Find out the cost of the subjects you wish to research before heading out to the locale to do the research.  If I had stuck with my original plan, I wouldn’t have to have bothered spending time researching prostitution on the nights I was lonely.
  • Know the issues that affect the people in the land you are campaigning in.  Although I succeeded with this in Liechtenstein with the Affordable Entertainment Awareness walk-a-thon, I missed the boat with questions about Northern Ireland while I was in Dublin.
  • Don’t let everybody know you’re an American.  This was hard for me, considering I went there to campaign for President of the United States.  This advice is for the Americans who plan on going to Europe who are not running for President.  Barack Obama’s visit to Germany last summer is the execption to the rule.
  • Don’t ask strangers where the nearest “Waffle House” is.  I thought I would have learned this from my trips to New York City.
  • And finally, don’t go to a sports bar in Europe and say that soccer is boring and that you want to watch the NCAA Tournament.  Soccer (or as they erroneously call it, “football”, is their sport of choice.)

Like President Obama did on the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, I have made gaffes along the way.  When you campaign for a long time, you will occasionally make mistakes.  The secret is to learn from those mistakes.

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