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2009 Campaign Goals – First Quarter Results

  1. Averaging 250 unique hits per day on this website.
  2. 25,000 results when people search for “Ahmnodt Heare” on Google.
  3. At least 10 blogs mentioning Ahmnodt Heare and the campaign.
  4. An “Ahmnodt Girl” video.
  5. At least one national television appearance (broadcast or cable)

The first goal is going along smoothly.  Although the current average for 2009 is only 126, there have been a few days with over 250 hits.  I can see this being a more common occurance as the year goes by.

The second goal is interesting.  It seems that Google has removed a bunch of search results.  “Ahmnodt Heare” has 7,610 hits.  It was over 15,000 the other day.

We are halfway towards the third goal.  One problem I have discovered is that one website no longer exists.

Goal number 4 baffles me.  This has always been a goal, but it seems that women don’t want the fame and admiration associated with being an “Ahmnodt Girl.”

The last goal is going to be a bit difficult.  The media is still orgasmic with a Democrat in the White House.  If either John McCain or I were to have won the election, the media would have been looking for the Democratic replacement on January 21.

I feel optimistic about reaching all the goals by the end of June.  I may have to do the “Ahmnodt Girl” video myself.


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Obama Steals my Campaign Strategy

As I am writing this blog entry, President Obama is in Strasbourg, France in a “town hall” meeting.  He is campaigning as leader of the free world.  The media is treating this as “news” and as something that is unprecedented.   This strategy is not new.  It was part of my campaign strategy in 2008.  I just came back from Europe last week.  While I did not get to visit France this time, I did get to speak to French nationals throughout Europe.

Although President Obama is campaigning throughout Europe, he seems to have no plan for Europeans to vote for the leader of the free world.  This is where I have one-upped him.  I am the only candidate who believes that everybody in the free world should be allowed to elect the leader of the free world.

I will give the President a little bit of advice.  When you are in a foreign country, listen to the people, don’t dictate your agenda.

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