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Tea Party Radio Show

I have decided to host an April 15 Long Island Iced tea party on BlogTalk Radio.  I realize there will be many people who will be unable to attend a tea party due to work or other commitments.  It will be a 90-minute show with information to reach the members of Congress and the Senate who are most involved with the budget and taxes.  I will also play my keyboard to keep the party going.

The show starts at 10PM Eastern / 9 Central/ 8 Mountain/ 7 Pacific.  Call-in number: (347) 945-7487


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  1. […] 5 years old.  There will be no alcohol for either of us this time.  There will be a special Tea Party show on Wednesday at 10PM […]

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  2. Wow, I’m amazed that when some Americans have a quibble about the politics of spending they start a tax revolt. Our GLBT families AND children are SUB-American in Federal Law; we suffer NEEDLESSLY in times of crisis, disease, and death due to our legal exclusion from FAMILY LAW.

    I’m afraid YOU will have to pay OUR taxes from now on, until WE are equal. [National Equality Tax Revolt 2009]

    Comment by johnbisceglia | April 12, 2009

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