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Right Country – Wrong Target

The Department of Homeland Security’s Director Janet Napolitano suggested that Canada was partially to blame for allowing terrorists to enter the United States and causing the September 11 attacks.  Whether this is true or not is irrelevant.  It wasn’t like the terrorists had signs that said, “Hi, my name is Mohammed Atta and I am a terrorist.”  The terrorists were in the United States for a while and we didn’t know they were terrorists until it was too late.

What we should blame Canada for doing is deteriorating American entertainment.  They not only knew the limited “talents” of William Shatner and Celine Dion, but they trained them in their mission to sabotage American entertainment.  Janet Napolitano has to quit worrying about an incident eight years ago and go after William Shattner, who has been systematically destroying the quality of American entertainment for over 40 years.  Until this situation is taken care of, Americans will not take the Department of Homeland Security seriously.


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Campaign Lull

For those who follow this blog regularly, you have noticed that I haven’t blogged everyday and my blog entries have been smaller.  There are two reasons for this:

1 – Life sometimes gets in the way of running an efficient campaign.  I have been working a lot.  I have also been taking care of my grandmother, who has never fully recovered from the infamous mosh pit incident at the Seniors’ Center.

2- Lack of inspiration from political events.  I can’t get myself invited to G-20 or Pan-American summits.  I am working on a plan to stop piracy off the coast of Africa.

3- NHL Playoffs.  My Capitals are finally in the playoffs.  After losing the first two games of the playoffs to the New York Rangers, we finally got things going with a 4-0 trouncing of the Rangers in New York.  I really need the Caps to win this because I am living in the New York area in an area contaminated with Rangers and Devils fans.  The best thing Caps coach Bruce Boudreau Boudreau-Ghali did was yank Jose Theodore from goal and replaced him with Simeon Varlamov.

I am hoping that my workload will lighten soon and that my grandmother gets better.  I am also hoping to bring better blog entries soon.

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