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Teleprompter Snafu

I followed the advise of my advisors and bought a telepromper for my speeches.  I had it set up for a speech I was making at the Seniors Center in Honesdale, PA.  I wasn’t really making a speech on any policy.  I was the guest Bingo caller.  I had never used a teleprompter before, so I figured that today would be a good day to test it out.  The Teleprompter was made in Mexico by a company called “Leerados”  There were visual problems and the text was in Spanish.

The text was in Spanisn and seemed to jump out of the teleprompter.

The text was in Spanish and seemed to jump out of the teleprompter.

I ended up having to call the Bingo games without the teleprompter.  It was difficult at first, but I learned to read the balls like it was coming off of a teleprompter.


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