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How to Stop the Swine Flu

I think stopping the Swine Flu is pretty easy.  All that has to be done is take a couple of steps to prevent it from spreading and to stop it from occurring again.

  1. Some people are perverts and like to make love to pigs.  I would make this illegal.  Swine Flu comes from pigs and sticking things where it doesn’t belong only makes humans sick.
  2. I would ban food made from pigs.  This would include sausage, pork chops, ham, and pig’s milk.  Adding chocolate syrup to the pig’s milk will not kill the virus.
  3. Quarantine those who are affected to selected Circuit City locations.  Since Circuit City is out of business, there are plenty of places to place those who have fallen ill.
  4. Those who have come in contact with those infected will be quarantined to their homes.  It is important to separate those who have the disease from those who come in contact with them.  It is also important to separate those who have come in contact from those of us who are not tainted.

Taking a few preventive steps will assure that Swine Flu stays with the pigs and keeps people healthy.


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