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The New Pandemic

While the entire world has been focused on the Swine Flu, a new pandemic condition has surfaced around the world.  As of the last time data was gathered, over 20,000,000 million Americans were affected with some form of Simple Chronic Halitosis (SCH).  Like the Swine Flu, there are measures one can take to prevent the spread of Simple Chronic Halitosis.

  • Avoid spicy foods and condiments – Avoid anything with onions, garlic, or peppers.  Do not drink coffee.  Do not add ketchup or mustard to food.  These accelerate the bacteria that cause SCH.
  • Do eat minty foods – Foods like Mint flavored ice cream will help kill off SCH bacteria.
  • Use mouthwash and brush your teeth and tongue – Proper oral hygiene is essential in preventing SCH and minimizing its effects if it does attack.

These few simple steps will go a long way in stopping ths spread of Simple Chronic Halitosis.


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  1. I also find Tic-Tacs are a good remedy.

    Comment by Skip Dekades | May 1, 2009

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