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Ahmnodt Heare For America… Ahmnodt Heare For You.

What is Bothering You?

I am sensing that many people are dissatisfied with Barack Obama’s presidency.  I have voiced my concerns in the past.  While President Obama’s “change” looks a lot like George W. Bush, I will do things differently.  I will live my my motto, “Ahmnodt Heare for America… Ahmnodt Heare for You.”

Here is where I can start helping you and America.  If you have an issue you want handled, please type it in the comments section and I will give a detailed response on how I will handle the situation.  This website will be around once I am elected, so everything I say I will do will be around for all to see.  If you have more than one question, i ask that you place each one in a seperate comment box so it looks like people are reading this entry.


Ahmnodt Heare

2008 and 2012 Candidate for President of the United States

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A New Way to Post

I am checking out WordPress’s posting via e-mail. This is pretty cool. There are some quirks, like one can’t place tags or place Vanna White pictures in the post. This would be a valuable way to communicate though once I figure out all the do-hickey stuff.

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