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A Look at my Platform – Income Taxes

Over the next couple weeks, I will take issues from my platform and further explain my positions. Today, I will discuss my views on income taxes.

The current tax code is too difficult. My tax code would involve all Americans sending in 100% of their income and giving a refund every Friday once the government bills are paid for the week.

This will accomplish a number of goals:

  • It will make sure all of the government’s bills are paid and we don’t borrow to pay for government.
  • It will curb spending because many people will complain if they’re not getting enough money back.
  • It will assure that people have money for the weekend.

People will get less money back at first because we have to pay off the debt.  The goal is to eventually limit the amout of money government needs to spend to 20% of people’s paycheck.

As for getting paid every Friday, this will be in effect even if you only get paid once every two weeks.  Welfare recipients will recieve their benefits every Friday.  Hush money will be paid every Friday.

This is the most sensible plan because it allows government to pays its bills without running a debt and people will get a sense of how much it costs to run government.  People will also have money for the weekend every weekend.


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  1. A remarkably sensible plan. I often find myself short of cash on Saturdays and think…”if only the government could step in and help.”

    Look forward to seeing more.


    Comment by Ram Venkatararam | May 22, 2009

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