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A Look at my Platform – Privacy

Over the next couple weeks, I will take issues from my platform and further explain my positions. Today, I will discuss my views on privacy.

I would immediately cease all wiretapping operations. Video surveillance cameras would only be permitted on the hottest women.

I once had the opportunity to listen in to a phone conversation when I was an intern at a private detective agency.  Below is a transcript of the conversation.  (NOTE:  Some facts are censored to protect the innocent.  Also note that Bob and Belinda’s name were changed to Jack and Jill to protect their identities.)

Jack:  Hi Honey, I’m at the Food Lion.  Do we need anything?

Jill:  We’ll need a couple boxes of macaroni and ******.

Jack:  Macaroni and ******.  Anything else?

Jill:  We’ll also need a gallon of 2% ****.  That should be all.

Jack;  Got it.  I’ll be home soon.  I **** you.

Jill:  I **** you too.

Now imagine listening to boring crap like that for a living.  I quit interning soon after that because I never got to listen to hot lesbian phone sex and surveillance has nothing to do with a Marketing degree.

If you think that is bad, imagine watching videos of fat guys walking topless on a boardwalk.  Now imagine him scratching his crotch.  This is torture for anybody who has to watch these types of videos.  This is why video surveillance should be only on the hottest women.  Leave the ugly people alone and let’s not see them any more than we have to.


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  2. I agree. We shouldn’t need to see the ugly or hear the stupid. Rather than wipe out wiretaps entirely, you might just want to save them for the very, very interesting…

    Comment by Ram Venkatararam | May 25, 2009

  3. Wow. With logic like that, how can you lose?

    Comment by Claire Collins | May 26, 2009

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