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A Look at my Platform – Education

Over the last couple of weeks, I took issues from my platform and further explained my positions. Today, I conclude discussing my views with a look at education.

Fundamentals in education is sorely lacking. I would prepare children for the adult world by teaching them how to talk them out of speeding tickets and how to pass an employment drug screening.

It  seems that the more we spend on education, the worse it gets.  We must reverse that trend by spending less on education so we can get more out of it.  We should also look at what is being taught in schools and wonder why somebody with a high school diploma can’t count change or make C-4 explosives.  I would limit education to the skills required for someone to live in the adult world.

  • Talking out of a speeding ticket – Many people have no idea how to talk their way out of a speeding ticket.  It is a vital skill needed if you want to keep money in your pocket.
  • Pass a drug employment screening – All too often the difference between a rewarding career and a life of despair is a bad tinkle.  We should teach kids how to pass these drug tests so they can have successful futures.
  • Balancing a checkbook – Learning how to spend money before it arrives in your checking account is  an acquired art.  We need to teach children how to spend money they don’t have yet.  The federal government is a good role model for this.

America will never return to the prominence of greatness until we teach children the tools they will need to succeed in life and quit teaching them crap like Magellan going around the world and other useless tidbits for the 99% of Americans who will never be on “Jeopardy.”


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