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A Birthday Wish

You can breathe easy.  I do not want presents, cash, or gift cards for my birthday.  All I ask for is one of two things:

  • For the people who are going to the All-Star Game in St. Louis on Tuesday – Please bring either an “Ahmnodt Heare for President” sign or a “Google Ahmnodt Heare” sign and try to bring the sign to the front row behind home plate.  If you can’t bring it behind home plate, then try to find a spot where the sign will get television exposure.
  • For everybody else – Please call two of your friends and head out to a bar tomorrow night.  Then you and your friends can talk up my campaign loud enough for the hotties or studs (depending on your preference)  to hear the conversation.  Not only will more people hear about my campaign, but it’s a good way to meet people.

Tomorrow will be a quiet day for me.  I have my daughter for the next two weeks.  That rules out birthday parties at the nudie bar (or at any bar.)  Tomorrow will be dedicated to watching the Sponge Bob marathon in the morning and to going to the horse track in the afternoon.  (Patrica likes ponies.)

In case you were wondering, I will turn 36 years old tomorrow.  That makes me a Cancer.

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I have been honored to have been asked to become a founding blogger for a new blogging service that emphasizes blogs about talk about the environment.  I have written several entries about global warming and other environmental issues.

I am honored, yet torn.  I have been blogging on WordPress for almost a year and a half.  While I am honored to be asked to be a founding blogger, I have met a lot of my supporters through here at WordPress.

Being a founding blogger does have its advantages.  The most noticable advantage is always having my blog on the “Founding Bloggers'” page.

I believe in keeping a diverse presence on the Internet.  That is why I have engaged in many other social networking services.  I am wondering if i should have a second blog to inform more people of my campaign.  Below are links to my social networking networks.  Feel free to join any or every service:

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