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My Message is Getting Through

Making entertainment affordable has been the cornerstone of my campaign since I first announced I was running for President last February.  I have matured as a candidate to the point that I have addressed virtually every issue.  (I have yet to take a position on capital punishment.)

I was watching MSNBC when the people (I wish I remembered their names) were talking about the high price of going to a movie.  One of the panelists was talking about the high price of actors for movies.  Another talked about the high price of promoting a movie.  It’s a lot like watching this movie I made in 2007 about movie prices.

The panelists agreed that the way to cut the cost of going to a movie is to get affordable actors and to spend less on advertising the movie.


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  1. I agree with you on this one. I think movies are overpriced and actors are overpaid.

    However, as an author, I would love to see one of my books become a multi million dollar movie.

    Speaking of low budget movies:

    Comment by Claire Collins | July 28, 2009

  2. […] learned from July through September 2009. In July I learned that people were paying attention to what I had to say about the Cinemafia.  Unfortunately I learned in August that more had to be done, even on my part.  I also learned […]

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