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The Assisted Suicide Debate

I am struggling with the “assisted suicide” issue.  I am not concerned because I need assisted suicide.  I am smart enough to commit suicide without help.  This for the people who are not smart enough to kill themselves and need help.

Here is why I am having a difficult time with this issue.  On the one hand, if somebody is too stupid to commit suicide without help, they should live with their stupidity.  On the other hand, we really need to skim stupidity out of the gene pool.

I would like to hear what your position is on assisted suicide.  After all, Ahmnodt Heare for you.

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  1. 3 words: big rig trucks

    Comment by davis | August 24, 2009

  2. It’s an idea, but cleanup would be difficult.

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | August 24, 2009

  3. I worry that I might jump from a building or a bridge and, instead of killing myself, I would just break my neck and become a quadriplegic. Then I would really need help for attempt #2.

    I must discourage jumping in front of subway trains – this just ruins rush hour for everyone else. It is too selfish.

    Comment by David | August 24, 2009

  4. David, should you become a quadriplegic, just stop eating.

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | August 24, 2009

  5. Silly boy – I want a quick end, not some lingering starving death.

    Comment by David | August 24, 2009

  6. Yeah I want a quick end too. Quick and painless.

    Comment by Claire Collins | August 24, 2009

  7. I can’t be teaching people how to kill themselves. I need the votes!

    Comment by Ahmnodt Heare | August 25, 2009

  8. If you become president, suicide won’t be an issue. Everyone will be happy to be alive!

    Comment by womaninblack | August 25, 2009

  9. Has anyone here heard of hospice? Going out painlessly and with 24 hour care?

    Not a bad way to go if you can’t be hit by a truck.

    Comment by Pamela Villars | August 25, 2009

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